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Side hustle spotlight: Iggbo

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

I know just a little about this side hustle, and don't have firsthand experience with it, but I want to highlight it anyway because I think it’s amazing, has a lot of potential and is a great opportunity for the right person.

Through my experiences with Blueprint for Athletes, I have had the opportunity to be exposed to Iggbo phlebotomists. Phlebotomists who use the Iggbo platform are contractors who go to people’s houses or places of work to draw blood.

When I sign up for a stack through Blueprint, I get directed to a page where I schedule a time slot for an Iggbo phlebotomist to come to my home. I could schedule a ridiculously early time, like 5/5:30am. However, I usually schedule a time around 7:30am, which is when my kid is probably still asleep and I don’t quite have to start making his lunch yet.

The last phlebotomist that came to my apartment works part time at a local jail doing all kinds of tests. She also picks up morning jobs via Iggbo. I don’t have direct experience working for them, as this is not my skill set, but reading the reviews it looks like they pay $30-55 per draw and pay out weekly.

My phlebotomist also said that they don’t have a ton of work right now, and the reviews on agree with that. However, this is a service that likely won’t go away, and probably will pick up as we become more and more of a gig/convenience economy.

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