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Revolutionize Your Marketing Cloud Development with ChatGPT (guest post by ChatGPT)

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

This blog post was written by ChatGPT (including the title), with one small edits by me (Marketing Cloud was not capitalized). The cover image was created by AI Magic Tools by Runway. My editorial notes are at the end.

Are you tired of spending hours writing starter code for your Marketing Cloud development projects? Do you wish there was an easier way to get the ball rolling? Look no further, my friend, because ChatGPT has got you covered.

For those who don't know, ChatGPT is a revolutionary new tool that uses natural language processing to help you write starter code for your Marketing Cloud development projects. Simply type in what you want your code to do, and ChatGPT will generate the code for you. It's like having a coding genie at your fingertips (minus the creepy lamp and bad jokes).

But wait, there's more! ChatGPT not only generates code for you, it also checks your work for errors and offers suggestions for improvement. No more staring at a screen for hours, trying to figure out why your code isn't working. ChatGPT has got your back (or, rather, your front-end, if you will).

But don't just take our word for it. Give ChatGPT a try and see for yourself how it can save you time and frustration. Plus, with its sleek and intuitive interface, you'll be whipping up killer code in no time. So why wait? Give ChatGPT a try today and start enjoying the benefits of having a coding genie on your side. Your future self (and your boss) will thank you.

Editorial Notes: to be completely honest, ChatGPT has yet to write me a block of code that works out of the gates. I have had to remove AMPScript functions that do not exist in reality, and make a few other minor changes. However, this is why I call it "starter code." It gives me a nice starting place to debug and enhance. It's not doing my job for me, but it's certainly speeding up the starting process (and starting is usually half the battle).

It also gave me a really quick answer to "how do I format a date like 2022-12-10 in AMPScript" which saved me a lot of googling and reading.

It also doesn't have spelling errors, which means I am going to hit publish without proofing this again...

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