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The ultimate work from home coffee mug

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

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I have seen some mom jokes out there, always in meme form, that revolve around how busy they are and how being busy somehow requires microwaving coffee.

To that I say: 🤮

There is actual science behind why you should not microwave coffee. Quick summary: great coffee is a delicate balance of chemicals and microwaving your coffee screws up that balance of chemicals.

The solution I have used since approximately 2005 when I obtained it in an office gift exchange is a desk-top coffee warmer. That thing has longevity, as it has survived 12 years and a cross country move. It keeps my coffee nice and warm, but unfortunately starts to get too hot as the coffee level gets lower. If I forget to turn it off, it’s a fire hazard. Also, if it lives on my desk, so if I am moving around the house, it does not follow me.

Enter the perfect work from home coffee mug (or, just being at home for an extended period of time and wanting consistently warm coffee). The Ember mug is designed to keep your coffee at an ideal temperature (they say 130 degrees, but preference varies). The temperature is app controlled, and includes an Apple Watch app.

Pro tip: I recommend leaving it on the charger between movements around the house, as the battery life is not indefinite.

They also have a travel mug, which I use. It keeps my coffee at the perfect temperature for long enough for me to finish the mug worth of coffee while driving around.

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